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Pokémon Omega Online is, like its name indicates, a multiplayer rol playing game based on the universe of Pokémon. In this game, you will have to become the best trainer in the world by competing against other trainers online and capturing wild Pokémons.

To start, you will have to register on the website. Once you do, next comes the inevitable step of creating your character, who you can name and appearance you can choose. Lastly, you will have to decide which Pokémon you want to start with, being able to select from the classic Charmander, Squirtle, or Balbasaur.

Once you have your character ready, you can head to the world map, which you can move with the mouse cursor and where you can accept missions, battle, chat with other characters, purchase supplies, or simply stroll around.

Just like in normal Pokémon games, you can walk around the level to engage in a battle against wild Pokémon or try to capture them. First you will have to weaken them a little by attacking them with your own Pokémon, so you can later launch your pokeball and capture them.

Graphically, Pokémon Omega Online is just as great as its Gameboy version. This doesn't mean that it has bad graphics, simply that they're very simple with a charming retro touch.

Pokémon Omega Online is a very fun and above all addicting online rol playing game that will dazzle fans of the popular Nintendo franchise. The amount of entertainment that this multiplayer version of Pokémon can supply is endless.
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